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Sarah Smith, A.P. Originally from the UK, Sarah Smith is an Acupuncture Physician with a deep interest in the energy systems of the body. She originally studied physics and worked for 25+ years in the practice of patent law. After some health issues of her own, Sarah became interested in acupuncture and attended Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, FL, graduating with the "Outstanding Student" award in 2011. Before opening Acupuncture WPB in 2015, she worked at a couple of other wellness and acupuncture centers in the local area. In addition to her private practice in West Palm Beach, Sarah offers acupuncture for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers as part of the team at Sari Center, an integrative cancer care non-profit. When not at the office, Sarah might be found rolling around the floor in a yin yoga class, hiking with her husband, or curled up with a good book. Helping patients heal and relax in West Palm Beach, FL First (short) hike of the season! OK, we could have started earlier but at least we got back out there in the end. Starting and ending in a butterfly garden feels like a welcome back to enjoying life in the great Florida outdoors. ???????????????? #justdoit #exerciseforjoy #welovenaturetrails #okeeheeleenaturecenter Oh my! What am I going to do with this gift from a patient?? Still, I love that it has lots of arms to give out lots of hugs. ???? Thank you hugs for feeling better are always welcome! #acupunctureworks #acupuncturebliss #saricenter #weloveourpatients An enchanted forest path? I’m not sure the lights were supposed to be left on during the day but it certainly made our walk feel special. #wherethemagiclives #enchantedforest #walkinginthewoods After the rain, Florida is cool enough to get out there, even in the summer. Grassy waters and sky ❤️. #moveyourbody #bikingtakesmeplaces #okeeheeleeparksouth Lunch view! Enjoying the 4th of July overlooking the ocean, eating delicious food and enjoying the company. The ocean breezes are keeping us at a pleasant temperature. Enjoy the time off whenever you can get it! #oceanview #summerslowdown #enjoyinglife It only took 14 months of working here but I am finally “name tag official” as an oncology acupuncturist! I am so blessed that this opportunity came my way and that I stepped up to the plate to do it. Yes, it can be draining and I was initially worried that it would be emotionally too difficult. But most of the time it is inspiring and such meaningful work. #saricenter #iloveacupuncture #mynametagfinallyarrived We are deepening our acupressure understanding and knowledge in an amazing seminar! Movement of Qi gives us access to so many levels of ourselves. And sometimes needles are not the way to the deepest lessons. #processacupressure #soullighteningacupressure #qiislove Florida pine trees grow tall quickly but stay pretty thin and stringy looking for years. This beauty caught my eye when I left the library - it’s so rare to see such a gorgeous and really full-looking pine around here. #bloomwhereyouareplanted #slashpine #floridapines #weneedthetrees #lazyafternoonreading #summerslowdown After what felt like a month straight of rain, it was a delight to get out on our bikes today. Getting back to the park and my favorite pine trees is always worth it. #moveyourbody #okeeheeleeparksouth #weloveourbikes Welcome to Acupuncture WPB, the practice of Sarah Smith AP. Conveniently located near downtown West Palm Beach, FL, Sarah offers acupuncture and acupressure in a calm setting to help your body heal. Acupuncture is not just about great needle technique on my part: it’s about helping you regain control over your own health and well-being by enabling your energy to balance itself. My mission is to help my patients accomplish their wellness goals in a painless, compassionate, and efficient way. I work as a partner with you to open up the flow of energy and healing in your body. Blockages of energy flow (known as Qi in Chinese Medicine) create disease and pain in the body, and I tune in to where those blockages are and help your body open them up. I have 6+ years of post-graduate acupuncture and energy healing experience, and focus on providing relaxation while also working on your specific issues. I really believe that when your body is deeply relaxed, it is capable of amazing things! We will start where you are and use gentle techniques to begin to improve your health. I work with busy adults dealing with stress, anxiety/depression, digestive issues, fatigue, fertility/menopause challenges, and/or cancer treatment side effects, as well as pain - particularly chronic pain. I love to help people relax and become calm during the treatment, as I feel this is when your body can begin to balance itself again. It makes me feel great when I can relieve someone's stress or pain. And of course I love the smiles when people leave my treatment room feeling good!


1900 S. Olive Ave
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
United States


  • Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture involves inserting very small needles into specific locations on the body, called acupuncture points or acupoints. This relaxes you and opens up the flow of energy, or Qi, to help you to improve your wellness.
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  • Acupressure and Energy Healing
  • Acupressure is a healing modality that uses touch on the acupuncture points instead of inserting needles. I practice an acupressure style that uses a very gentle pressure that seeks to connect to the energy flow within your body.
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  • Herbal Medicine
  • Chinese herbal medicines and supplements can provide a great boost to the acupuncture or acupressure treatment. Chinese herbs are typically prescribed in a formula, which is a mixture of herbs chosen to work well together.
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  • Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture involves inserting very small needles into specific locations on the body, called acupuncture points or acupoints.
  • The Chinese medical theory is that, in addition to the flow of blood and body fluid, our bodies also have a flow of energy, called Qi. This energy can be thought of as electromagnetic in nature and is believed to flow in certain channels or meridians in the body. If the flow of Qi energy is blocked, either by illness, stress, or trauma to the body, then the body cannot flourish and poor health will result. Acupuncture opens up this energy flow again by interacting with the meridian system. One analogy I like to use is that a Qi blockage is like a traffic jam on a highway, and acupuncture is the cop that helps to direct traffic to get things moving again. The acupoints that we use are areas where the energy flows close to the surface of the skin, and that have been shown to have a lower electrical resistance when compared with surrounding areas of skin. The acupoints are thus a window to the electromagnetic energy of the body, and also to various nervous system responses.
  • During the first visit, I do a detailed intake and health history in advance of your treatment. Chinese medicine seeks to treat the person as a whole, and not just the symptom that you want to get rid of, and so I try to find out as much medical history as I can because Chinese medicine views any symptom as being part of a larger pattern of symptoms that will help us to diagnose your condition. .
  • During an acupuncture treatment, you’ll lie on the treatment bed, either fully clothed if you are in loose, comfortable clothes such as shorts and a t-shirt, or you may change into a gown, or be draped with towels. If you have come in with back pain, you’ll probably be lying on your front so that I can put needles in your back. For most other treatments, you’ll lie on your back and I’ll treat the front of your body. Most of the acupuncture points we use are on the lower legs, lower arms, abdomen or back. Some scalp or face points may be used, depending on the issue you came in with.
  • The needles are very thin and small, and do not hurt. You might feel a slight pinch on some acupuncture points, but that is it. Some people feel a heavy or tingly sensation at some acupuncture points, or a sensation of energy moving up their arm or leg – this is great, because it means you can feel the energy, or Qi, doing something. Many people feel nothing at all but a sense of relaxation, which is also great!
  • You then get to relax for half an hour or so, while the needles guide your body in healing itself and letting go of stress and pain. Many people report that they feel more deeply relaxed with acupuncture than with any other relaxation method they have tried. And while people don’t generally fall asleep during the first treatment, it’s very common to doze off as you’re lying on the table.
  • Don’t let a fear of needles or the unknown put you off experiencing the wonderful benefits of acupuncture!
  • Acupressure and Energy Healing
  • Acupressure is a healing modality that uses touch on the acupuncture points instead of inserting needles. There are many different styles of acupressure out there – from a deep pressure that is almost like massage, to a very gentle pressure that seeks to connect to the energy of the body rather than physically influence the body.
  • The Chinese medical theory is that energy, or Qi, flows in the body through channels or meridians. Acupoints are areas where this energy comes very close to the surface of the body, and where the electrical resistance of the skin is lower. The acupoints are a window to the electromagnetic energy of the body, and also to various nervous system responses. The acupressure style that I work with, developed by Soul Lightening International, involves very gentle finger pressure on two acupoints at once. This creates a circuit, much like an electrical circuit, between the client’s body and my own body. This circuit allows the energy to flow again, and helps the body to heal. This style of acupressure allows for as deep a relaxation as acupuncture does, and similarly opens up the acupuncture meridians, although it can be a more contemplative and involved process than resting with needles.
  • Sometimes, sensations, memories or images come to the client as they are being treated – it is helpful to explore such things, either silently on your own, or we can talk through them as the treatment is progressing. I might suggest a question or problem to focus on, and you may find that a solution naturally comes to your mind as you are relaxing. Other times, images can appear to your mind, which can help you tune in to what your body is trying to tell you with its current symptoms and issues.
  • I have studied various other energy healing and gentle touch modalities, such as Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy that I weave into an acupressure session.
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Chinese herbal medicines can really help to boost the effect of treatment, particularly if you can only come in for acupuncture once a week. Chinese herbs are actually not all leaves of a plant, but all are natural medicines as a wide variety of plant, mineral and animal products are used, with plant based products being in the majority - typically leaves, roots, berries and even barks are used.
  • Many Chinese herbs are also familiar herbs in the west, with plants such as mint, dandelion, ginger, licorice root and honeysuckle all frequently used. Other Chinese herbs are more famous in their own right, such as ginseng and astragalus. Other plants you may never have heard of.
  • Typically, herbal medicines are prescribed in a formula, which is a mixture of herbs. Chinese medicine rarely uses herbs individually, because it was found over many hundreds of years of practice that mixtures of herbs produce better results. Sometimes two ingredients will cooperate together to produce a stronger effect, or sometimes one herb can modify any side effects that another herb might have if taken on its own.
  • Traditionally in China, a patient would be given raw herbs to take home and boil up together to make a decoction to drink. I tend to use capsules of granulated herbs as these are easier for us westerners to deal with! Many of the more modern capsule formulas also include herbs from other traditions such as Ayurvedic, Russian and Native American herbs, which gives us the best of different traditional medicine systems.
  • I typically also recommend some vitamins and other supplements to patients, either in additional to herbal medicines, or on their own.


Office Hours Monday : at Sari Center Tuesday : 10am–7pm Wednesday : 10am–7pm Thursday : at Sari Center Friday : 10am–6pm Saturday: 10am–2pm

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